Customer Testimonials

Wyremski Family

Thanks for reaching out. We were very pleased with our OWQC experience. Here's some feedback for each of those areas:

Project Manager: Vinnie Jr. was a pleasure to work with. He was incredibly responsive and attentive. Any miscommunications or instances where we had a different understanding of what would be happening were immediately fixed. Vinnie's answer to everything was "No problem, we'll take care of it," which was such a relief. We felt supported the entire time, and we appreciated having a schedule texted to us each week. There were never any surprises; I knew who to expect on any given day, which was nice. When the kitchen sink was leaking one day last week, he had the plumber there in an hour. We really appreciated the high level of customer service that we experienced working with VInnie Jr. We have since recommended OWQC to many people in Rockville Centre. After hearing glowing recommendations from us, and witnessing how our job was conducted, our next-door neighbors enlisted OWQC to do their kitchen renovation in the spring.

Subcontractors/OWQC Employees: I was always impressed with how well-run the OWQC office is. The women who work there are friendly, professional, and efficient. You hear about other people trying to call contractors and not getting a call back for weeks, if ever. I appreciated when we were in the early stages of this job that appointments were made quickly and easily due to the wonderful ladies who work in the office.

We had wonderful experiences with the subcontractors too. Notably, Tiago and his crew were all extremely personable perfectionists. I always felt happy to have them in my house, and I can't imagine using another painter in the future. We were impressed with their thoroughness, and how well they cleaned up after themselves after a day of work.

While I don't think he is a subcontractor, I would be remiss if we didn't give Joe the carpenter a shout out too. Joe takes such pride in his work, which is rare these days. Joe patiently explained his plans to us for molding around the fireplace--he showed me pictures of his own home to help us make a decision. We felt that he truly cared and really wanted us to be happy with the end product.

We also enjoyed working with the recommended vendors, notably FMI and Douglas Kitchens. I've worked with Tina and Patsi before on past projects, and they are the best. I was happy to work with them again. Douglas was great to work with too. Cori, who helped us design the kitchen, was so helpful, and Tom, who installed the cabinets was excellent.

Quality of Workmanship: We were very pleased with the quality of the workmanship on this job. OWQC's reputation when it comes to quality workmanship is why we reached out to Vinny to begin with, and we were not disappointed. Everyone who worked on the job seemed dedicated to upholding that standard.

Overall Service: Exceptional. I touched on the service during the job, but I am impressed with the continued service after the project as well. Figuring out the heat has been a bit of a challenge since certain zones were impacted by the renovation, and on Monday, Joe from All Sons, Brian Egan, Vinnie Jr., and Tony had a meeting of the minds at my house to figure out a solution.

Since the floors were installed when the weather was warm, the boards are cracking and contracting now, and Vinnie assured us Steve would be back in February/March to refinish them.

We have heard many people say, "Once you use Old World for a job, you'll never want to work with another contractor again," and we can see why. The level of service, attention to detail, professionalism, and quality workmanship is unmatched. Thank you to everyone at Old World, from Vinny Sr. on down, for working together to deliver an outstanding end product.

Zyman Family

There are two main reasons to go with Old World: Trust and Quality. Our expectations were more than met, and I am extremely happy with all the work OWQ has done for us. The final project came out great. The house is beautiful, 7 months later everything is still looking great and working the way it is supposed to, and OWQ has been back several times for things like touch up paint, checking in on the final product, or problem solving when there’s new work I’m considering.

I met Vinny when I was considering building from scratch, gut renovating, or simply tailoring a house to our needs. I spoke to several customers, toured Vinny’s house (twice), and got to follow a gut renovation from midway to finished to see OWQ’s work. Customer’s rave about him and there are dozens of horror stories about other builders/contractors. I appreciate most that Vinny got to know my family, talked to us through the entire process, AND he helped me house hunting. There were a few houses that he told me to stay away from even though they would have been huge projects for him. With the house we ended up buying, it was during the early stages of COVID, and we needed his opinion immediately. Even though the house was in Huntington, Vinny was there within 24 hours to do a full walk through with us to assess the house’s quality and to recommend what work was needed. He gave his thumbs up on the house, and were in contract the next day.

In terms of work scope, Vinny came through the house for a few hours with us, listened to everything we wanted, gave us a bunch of things he recommended, and then followed up with a big 3-part list of all work items with estimates. We weren’t pressured to do anything, and the two of us went back and forth a few times to narrow down the work scope. The time and attention always made it feel as if our house was the only thing Vinny had going on (and I know it wasn’t).

Colin, our project manager, has been great, and he felt like part of the family throughout the project. During the main project, we communicated regularly, and there were several things that we had to pivot on or last minute things my wife wanted touched up or changed. None of it was an issue. Our house was ready for us for the move in day and everything was finished in a tight window. He dealt with every issue we threw at him. And Collin has continued working with us after the move in. For both maintenance items and new “problems” with the house, he’s been quick to respond and to get people to help. Of course most of the problems have happened on weekends, and Collin has been great about getting people here anyway for things like small electrical and plumbing issues (not on something OWQ worked on originally).

Everyone treated the house and my family with complete respect. All contractors and subs cleaned up the house when they were done and were extremely cautious not to damage anything in the house. Many were also great with my two young children. I interacted with several subs through the process, and all clearly loved working with Vinny and OWQ because they all recognize the quality for which EVERYTHING is going to be done, and all schedules are kept.

Will you pay more for OWQ than other contractors? Maybe, maybe not. But the quote for every project big and small has been honored, the work was always done on time, it was always done well, and we were not nickeled and dimed once for minor changes to the scope or any rework. Vinny is a man of his word. If you want to work with someone who will look out for you, your family, and your house with NO hassle and you want to minimize stress during renovations, go with OWQ. You will not be disappointed.

My in-laws thought I was overpaying, and they decided to go with another contractor for a tear-down and new build nearby. 12 weeks later, they relisted the property for sale when the contractor they were using was 8 weeks behind schedule and 120% over budget. This was after many many nights of screaming and arguing. Their quote may have been cheaper, but they lost a lot more time and the quote wasn’t honored. They were supposed to be living in a guest house on that property since February. It is now July and they are still living in our basement waiting to close on another house. This disaster was NOT worth MAYBE saving 20-25%, and they ended up losing a lot more money than they would have “saved” had everything gone to plan.

McHugh Family

Our experience with Old World has been terrific. Vinnie and his crew have built a solid reputation of quality work that they stand behind long past the project itself. As homeowners protecting our investment and looking out for our family’s safety, we value Vinnie and Vinnie Jr.‘s honesty about what projects to prioritize in a 100-year-old home. Their input has always been spot on and integrity in this business is something rare so we appreciate it very much. Even when little projects arise, I know we can count on a quick response from Old World and the follow-through to get it done.

York Family

Thank you for your email. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Old World Quality Corporation. I would be happy to answer on behalf of my wife and I in the areas below:

1) Our experience with the project manager was always first class service. We have always had a direct line of communication to the office and the manager. We are always given a heads up on arrival times, updates with the project, or any modifications or revisions if needed.

2) Our experience with subcontractors whether it was a small or large project has been excellent. Our backyard concrete work, and demo and removal of our shed in particular were top notch projects. They were so clean and organized with their work and again we always received updates on the projects in a timely manner.

3) The workmanship was the best around. The craftsmanship that was exhibited and the beauty in the repointing of our patio makes the existing area look brand new. We are so overwhelmingly happy with the look of the back patio.

4) The overall service and communication during the project and after the project is top notch. Again, the ability to have a direct line of communication with Vinnie Muldoon Jr. and the great team he assembles makes our decision to work with them again so easy and absolute.

If you could share our feedback with everyone and anyone you meet, we would greatly appreciate it. We would be happy to speak directly with anyone if they were considering Old World Quality Corporation and let them know the quality care and service they are getting are simply the best around.

Giuffrida Family

Old World Quality is the absolute best. Every business should operate like Old World Quality. Everyone who works for Old World is so nice, professional, organized, trustworthy and hardworking. The communication and quick response to any question/concern is greatly appreciated and unmatched by anyone. We have had quite a few projects completed by Old World...small to large projects. We have been beyond happy. The quality of skill and work is impressive. The staff in the office, Jennifer and Debbie, are always super helpful and follow up. We have loved everyone we have worked with...Vinny, Vinnie Jr, Plumbing-Al and Tony, our built ins-Colin, Chris and Conner, Alan-helped us with a cabinet issue, All Sons Electric. I'm totally blanking on the names of all the guys who replaced our windows and fixed our roof but they, too, were all amazing. We had a roof leak fixed (fingers crossed) by Old World that 4 other companies were unable to do but charged us a lot of money. Any issues I have ever spoken to Vinnie Jr or the project managers was addressed and fixed, literally, in minutes. Old World is respectful of you and your home. They take off their shoes when they come into your house. My house is so clean after Old World completes their work for the day...they wipe everything up, sweep, vacuum, etc. Everyone at Old World goes above and beyond. I always joke that Old World is our fairy Godfather, they make all our dreams come true.

Vlogiantis Family

We have been dealing with Vinny and OWQ for over 10 years. Vinny built our first home and has done work on other properties as well. Vinny from beginning to end is constantly involved on the job, no matter how big or how small. Vinny and team are always professional (shoes in house always off!), always punctual, and thorough on every detail.

Pombar Family

Wanted to write and let you know how happy my husband and I are with old world quality Corp. we used them for a kitchen, family room and mudroom renovation. Right from the beginning, Vinny, Alan and the entire team were beyond professional and helped us every minute along the way. We had heard horror stories of renovations gone wrong, and we knew that we were in the most capable hands with OWQC. They made the entire process not seem overwhelming and Alan was always available to speak with us about any concerns.

Vona Family

I write this letter of recommendation for Old World Quality. My first encounter with Vinny Muldoon was when I built my Garden City home in 2010 from scratch. It was such a remarkable experience that since then Old World Quality has done multiple jobs that included my family’s home and businesses.